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Stasheia Durham

Fifteen Alum | Savannah State University

"Through high school, the FIFTEEN leadership program helped me stay focused.  I learned so much about problem solving, leadership, and community service."

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E2L's mission is to develop and empower urban youth as emerging student leaders who will positively influence their families, schools, communities, and the world.

The four Fifteen program core values around which the curriculum is based – character, commitment, service, and lifelong learning, are the cornerstones on how we help accomplish our mission.


FIFTEEN Leadership Program

Our FIFTEEN leadership and life skills development program carries metro Atlanta high school students through a 3-year interactive curriculum focusing on core values of character, commitment, service and life-long learning.  FIFTEEN develops emerging leaders and well-rounded individuals who take ownership of their future and promote social responsibility within their communities.


Impact Report


College Access

We prepare students for post-secondary success and help them gain access to leading public and private universities.


From the New Executive Director

Accelerating Impact 

As I think about what Vince and Allison have accomplished in the hearts and minds of countless youth in our community, I’m am honored and humbled to be a part of E2L 2.0!

We love our city and we love our youth.  Our future lies within the hearts of our youth and it’s our responsibility to prepare them for the challenges ahead.  But there's a silent killer that is attacking our young people.  The countless temptations to distract them from receiving the necessary education, educational inequality, poverty and much more leave countless youth at-risk and underserved.  Too many youth have no hope for a future and that is not acceptable!

Together we will continue to restore their hope and be a bridge for the better tomorrow we all hope for.  Please join me and this amazing E2L team who are passionate about empowering our young people.  I look forward to the day, when everyone has an equal chance for a bright and thriving future.

Because they matter!

 Darrick Graham

Essential2life Executive Director

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Community Stakeholder with Operation Hope

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