E2L's mission is to develop and empower urban students to achieve their full potential and become thriving leaders who positively impact our communities.


Our FIFTEEN program was born out of a desire to address a growing problem:  an increasing number of students each day are missing – not physically, but emotionally, mentally, and morally.  They walk the halls of public high schools and exist from day to day without purpose.  Their voices are not heard above the chaos of classes, violence, peer pressure, and an intrinsic need for stability.

While others write this problem off as "unsolvable," we see this challenge as an opportunity to instill critical leadership skills in students who will have a profound impact in their homes and communities.  With the right tools, these students can represent a positive voice for their peers as they pursue a life of purpose and distinction.


Founded in 1995, Essential2Life is dedicated to improving the plight of urban youth in metro Atlanta.

The current generation of youth lacks the leadership skills to be positive voices for their peers.  One of the toughest obstacles for students living in the margin is having access to proper leadership skills (self leadership as well as leadership of others) and to post-secondary education.  According to the National Center for Education, approximately 60% of youth living in poverty conditions will drop out of school – a rate six times that of students living in middle to upper-class households.  Those who fall under this category are considered at risk.

Our FIFTEEN leadership and life skills development program carries metro Atlanta high school students through a 3-year interactive curriculum focusing on core values of character, commitment, service and life-long learning.  FIFTEEN develops emerging leaders and well-rounded individuals who take ownership of their future and promote social responsibility within their communities.

Board of Advisors

  • Larry Arnold
    Arnold Associates
  • Susan O’Dwyer
    Director of Business Development
    Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
  • Allie Donahue
    Bennett Thrasher
  • Fritz Rench
    Racine Industries
  • Daniel Homrich
    Motto MO
  • Chris Singleton
    MLB Analyst
  • Nicole Jones
    General Manager - Media
    Delta Air Lines, Inc.
  • Stan Reiff
    Professional Practice Leader
  • Duane Still
    Chief Financial Officer at Coca-Cola North America Group, Coca-Cola
  • Brenda Muhammad
    Community Activist
    Atlanta, GA
  • Kav Tucker
    SouthCap Brokerage and Walton Funding