Essential2life is always looking for volunteers. If you are excited about what we do and want to get involved, we offer different volunteer opportunities, which include both working directly with metro Atlanta students and supporting general operations at the organization.

Volunteer for Candidacy Interviewer

Work directly with students during their sophomore years of high school as an interviewer for acceptance. Every fall, candidacy interviewers gather to help process and interview potential FIFTEEN candidates and their parents in our stringent three-tier interview process.  No interviewing experience is required.

Become a Team Lead or Facilitator

Team Leads and Facilitators are the face of the One Degree program. While the Program Director works behind the scenes to coordinate the administration of the program, the Leads and Facilitators participate in each session, interacting with students and bringing the curriculum to life.

What are the differences between Team Leads and Facilitators? Let’s take a brief look at the major responsibilities of each.

Class Team Lead

  • One Team Lead per grade level class (i.e. Sophomores)
  • Leads facilitation of the interactive class sessions
  • Serves as the point of contact for the grade level class, under the Program Director
  • Ensures facilities and resources are secured
  • Organizes and manages student records
  • Assists in facilitator development


  • Two to three facilitators per grade level class
  • Works directly under the Team Lead
  • Works directly with students assisting in teaching, curriculum exercises, and personal student development

One Team Lead and two to three Facilitators make up the facilitation team for a grade level class. This facilitation team will move with the class as they advance grade levels each year, for two and a half years until the program is completed.

General Volunteer Support

Essential2life is always seeking individuals willing to provide general support for our fundraising and day-to-day operations.  We currently have a need for marketing, communications, and social media assistance.